Primordial Land

I return with my eyes and heart to a Primordial Land and its magnificent charms, in a suspended balance dating from remote times.
This is a Planet that now wavers between survival and extinction.
We were born in this primary cradle, and it was from there that we ventured towards an uncertain future…
Prehistoric Land out of time that requires us to reflect on our path as human spieces and also on our responsabilities.
Nature and Living Beings, Science and Beauty: (this is) a thin thread of possible sustainability that our thoughts and hopes strive after (to which our thoughts and hopes tend).
When listening to the sacred Nature, to the Earth we rediscover the ancient wisdom, equilibrium and the profound knowledge of those who are aware of the written laws of the Universe.
There we rediscover the human dimension, the True greatness that we have to attain once again: in other words, a new strength, a new form of humanism.

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